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Past Events

Recent Speakers at the Annual Dinners
held at the Albany Club, Toronto

2020 Canceled due to COVID-19
2019 Andrew Roberts
2018 Hon. Bob Rae
2017 Duncan Sandys
2016 Randolph Churchill
2015 Hon. Hugh Segal
2014 Steve Paikin
2013 Terry Reardon
2012 John Plumpton
2011 Randolph Churchill
2010 Richard M. Langworth C.B.E.
2009 R. H. Thomson
2008 Hon. Ken Taylor
2007  Phil Reed  O.B.E.
2006 Judge Douglas S. Russell
2005 Professor David Dilks
2004 Rt. Hon. John N. Turner, P.C., Q.C.
2003 Prof. Barry Gough
2002 Hon. Hugh Segal
2001 Hon. Roy MacLaren, P.C.
2000 Hon. Bob Rae

Evenings with Sir Winston (held in Toronto)

2020 (Mar) Canceled due to COVID-19
2019 (Oct) Ted Barris on his book "Rush to Danger"
2018 (Oct) Ted Barris on his book "Dam Busters"
2018 (Mar) Barbara Dickson on her book "Bomb Girls"
2017 (Oct) Ted Barris on his book "The Great Escape. A Cdn. Story."
2017 (Mar) Ted Barris on his book "VICTORY at VIMY"
2015 (Nov) David Lough on his book "No More Champagne, Churchill and His Money."
2015 (Mar) AGM and John Plumpton who spoke on  A Time Such As There Never Was Before.
2014 (Oct) RH Thomson on "The World Remembers, 1914 - Centennial - 1918."
2014 (Feb) AGM and Dr. Eric McGeer who spoke of Canadian war memorials in Europe and a NFB movie "Fields of Sacrifice".
2013 (Dec) Randy Barber on Churchill as a Renaissance Man & Film, Warlords, Churchill & Roosevelt.
2013 (Feb) AGM and Hon. Jerry Grafstein talking on "Churchill as a Liberal," and a film on Churchill from British Movietone News.
2012 (Feb) AGM
2011 (Oct) Film on "Churchill's Deadly Decision" with speakers Eric McGeer, Gordon Walker & Terry Reardon.
2011 (Feb)  AGM and Film and talk on the Atlantic charter by Prof. Peter Russell.
2010 (Nov) Dr. Eric McGeer speaking on Churchill and the Italian Campaign.
2010 (Mar) AGM and Film and talk on "Vimy" by Peter Allen and Martin Boomsa.
2009 (Oct) "Churchill at the Movies".
"Into The Storm" with Emmy award winning actor Brendan Gleeson. Also "Churchill's Island" from the National Film Board of Canada which won the first Academy Award for a documentary in 1941.
2009 (Mar) AGM where approval was given to incorporate. Film Churchill & Stalin, and a talk by Terry Reardon on Churchill's final years in major office, 1945/55.
2008 (Mar) Film: Churchill & Roosevelt; a talk by Gordon Walker on why Churchill & the Conservatives lost the 1945 General Election and the Society's AGM.
2007 (Oct) Churchill's official biographer Sir Martin Gilbert launched his latest book "Churchill and the Jews".
2007 (Mar) A re-construction of 3 Churchill speeches by Shamus Fynes; the "30 Minute Invasion" by Terry Reardon; a challenging quiz by Barrie Montague and the Churchill film biography "Never Despair".
2006 (Oct) Film "Churchill the Beginning of the End", a Quiz and a talk by Peter Allen "Churchill the Peacemaker"
2005 (Jan) Clifford Goldfarb on Winston Churchill and Conan Doyle: "Finest of the Empire" and a film on Churchill's funeral.